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XT12 Storm Veterans - XBOX Multi Gaming Team News
XT12 Christmas Outing

Comments 2 By Wales floodyzer0 in General on Wednesday 14 November @ 11:05

Breaking News

Right fellas,

I think it would be rude to not start planning our Xmas meet up, what do you think?

I personally think...Piss up on Saturday night...followed by a grouling day on the field of battle at Team Force paintballing, not forgetting that the next time we go, its free. (Except for paintballs)

Or does anyone have any better ideas? Smile


Awesome bit of Dancing.

Comments 0 By Wales floodyzer0 in General on Monday 05 November @ 18:36

Remember that blonde kid guy in paintballing that took 678 paintballs to the head? Check his video out of him dancing. Freaking awesome.

Hes also signed upto our website too, hes an official XT12'er Tongue Big Halo fan too.

Welcome Cwci

Paintballing - Swansea 04/11/12

Comments 0 By Wales floodyzer0 in General on Sunday 04 November @ 17:56

Lots of pictures here of our first outing at Swansea. This is a link to a photobucket album. Ill get the videos up soon once they have all been edited. Also please sign upto this website if you havent already as we will be sorting out more paintballing games soon. Cheers, Floody


New Team, New Start!

Comments 0 By Wales floodyzer0 in General on Monday 05 December @ 16:44

bliz general news

Welcome to Xt12's website. A group of Xbox gamers mainly playing Battlefield 3 but also other games, and also taking it to the Paintballing world. We are not a 'clan', but a group of guys who wear the tags of XT12 as we have done since Oct 2011. We welcome anyone into the group who we can have a laugh with. We are based in South Wales, so if you fancy hooking up with us, let us know.